Are you a travel brand or business owner, that feels like you are…

Not reaching the right people?

Your audience isn’t growing? 

Your content isn’t converting?

You are wasting your time creating content instead of serving your paying people?

You have pretty IG pictures, but no real communication strategy?

You are overwhelmed with ALL THESE THINGS 

Listen, I get it…

I’m Misty, the US sustainable travel influencer, content creator, and world explorer behind Green Suitcase Travel. I work with brands, coaches, tourism boards, tour companies, hotels, shops, and restaurants that share a strong interest in sustainability and creating a conscious world. 

I take the stress off your plate by strategizing, creating, and distributing your content. This allows you to focus on your business while it naturally gains more visibility and traction online.

If that’s you, read on to see how we can work together!

Why Content Marketing?


Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve positive ROI on their
efforts. And SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct
mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate (HubSpot).

When social media is part of a buyer’s journey, customers tend to convert at a 129% higher rate. They are also four times as likely to spend significantly more than those without a social component (Deloitte).

61% of companies that invested at least six hours each week in social media marketing saw an increase in their search engine rankings (Social Media Examiner).

Digital advertising in the U.S. is now a $30 billion larger market than TV advertising (Brafton).

Social Strategy & Management

We start by getting to know your ideal customer (like obesses over them!) then craft a content plan to turn them into engaged, loyal evangelists. We deliver analytics and reports of how your content is converting, so you can focus on the fun stuff in your business.

Social Ad Campaigns

Let us worry about the ROI so you can get some R&R. We LOVE setting up AD campaigns (yes, you read that right!). Nothing tickles our fancy more than seeing a digital AD campaign rake in the dough for your business. We will analyze your campaign results on a weekly or monthly basis. We set up and manage multi-tired E-Commerce, Lead Gen, Course Launche campaigns, and more.

Promote your destination

Responsible tourism is on the rise and tourism boards are taking notice. In fact, 87 percent of travelers say that they want to travel sustainably. If you’re a tourism board looking to promote sustainable tourism in your country or city, I am interested in working together and attending press trips. GST works with destinations that highlight projects and places that preserve the culture and heritage, protect the environment, and supports the local community. Below is a selection of tourism boards I’ve previously promoted and worked with, such as INGUAT and  Visit St. George.

Promote Your Brand

Your brand is unique! You offer a product or service that people need and that will help make the world a better place. Getting your brand in front of the right audience is key and usually requires a multi-layered, digital content strategy. GST’s audience has come to know and trust that we are only going to promote quality brands that are ethically-made, have a social impact component or incorporate sustainable practices. Let’s connect to talk about brand partnerships, content collaboration, destination guides, and sponsored content. We’ve completed successful campaigns with brands like Nimble, Banana Backpacks, One Planet Rating, and more.

Promote your establishment

Today’s traveler is all about experiential travel and craves immersive, local, and authentic adventures. Where better to get those experiences than at your hotel, restaurant, or store? People want to travel to places that elicit an emotional response and challenge them to view the world in a different way. If your establishment captures the essence of a destination and offers an immersive experience, we want to work with you! GST is open to working with hotels, hostels, camping sites, restaurants, shops, vineyards, and more. Below are some examples of establishments we’ve collaborated with in the past, like Eremito and Maraviglia.

Collaborating with Misty of GST was a wonderful experience. Her fun, charming and theatrical personality was perfect for our content marketing needs. She’s professional, dependable and kind. I highly recommend her for writing, photography, and social media outreach—she’s a lovely storyteller who connects deeply with an audience.

Louree Maya- Kynder Travel

Misty is such a pleasure to work with. She's wonderfully creative, dedicated to delivering the best results, and a spectacular communicator. Her passion for sustainable travel shines through her work and she has been a huge asset in helping us tell our story as a brand.

Anika Funk- Banana Backpacks

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