Before the Trip

  • Don’t know where you want to go? In-depth trip exploration
  • Know where you want to go? trip consultation
  • Handcrafted itineraries based on your needs, personality, and travel style
  • Customs profile – everything you need to know about where you’re going
  • Culture Guide -history and cultural hightlights
  • Enhance your trip – option to engage with local organizations to give back and “live better, leave better”
  • Carbon Footprint calculator and option to donate to carb offsetting programs
  • Sustainable travel tips
  • Packing for a greener trip

During the Trip

  • Accommodations– We set you up in accommodations that are creating the least waste and that will give you an authentic experience. Whether you choose to do a home-stay or you’d like to live large in a luxury resort, we will pair you with places that are are doing their part to be environmentally conscious.
  • Getting there– Most travel requires taking a plane for your initial departure. It is our aim to help you get around, while at your destination through more creative means. We’ll work with you to figure out the most comfortable and sustainable choices for seeing the sights!
  • Playing there- Whether you are skydiving, thrill seeker or a museum junkie, Green Suitcase Travel will help you select activities that suit your personality and leave a lasting impression. We offer pre-planned itineraries with room for self-guided exploration, or we can create a customized itinerary just for your needs.
    • Health and well-being component can be included
    • Reusable bags to shop with
    • Volunteering options
    • Suggested cultural events


We help you select accommodations that will give you an authentic experience, allow you to engage in local culture, and create the least waste. Whether you choose to do a home-stay or you’d like to live large in a luxury resort, or something in between; we will pair you with places that are enhancing the community and environment.

The GST WAY: Many dream of sleeping in an Anatolian Cave hotel in Goreme, Turkey. The caves come with a rich, complex history and are a once in a lifetime experience to visit. Because the landscape is so unique, hot air ballooning is a popular activity, and tourism has exploded in the past decade. This has helped the economy and also created problems for the locals. Many generational Cappadocians are struggling to keep up with foreign investors. Out of the hundreds or more hotels in the region, only a handful are locally owned and operated. We have the scoop on which ones to visit and what to look for when visiting.


Whether you are a skydiving, thrill seeker or a museum junkie, Green Suitcase will help you select unique activities that suit your travel style and leave a lasting impression. We help you determine which excursions and organizations are contributing to the local economy and promoting ethical practices so you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

The GST WAY: Who isn’t thrilled by the idea of being up close and personal with exotic wildlife? Riding elephants and visiting the “Tiger Temple” are a top draw in Thailand and South East Asia. What some people don’t realize is that these animals are bred in captivity, which means the young are taken away from their mothers, are often underfed, and get little exercise. Many places advertise donating their profits to conservation, but don’t. Animal tourism, in general, can be problematic. So how do you know who you can trust? At GST we LOVE animals and want to interact with them in a respectful way. We’ll help you vet options that are genuinely working with the wildlife in their natural habitat, and who celebrate that this is their territory, not ours.


Most travel requires taking a plane for your initial departure. But while at your destination, it is our aim to help you get around through more creative means. We’ll work with you to figure out the most comfortable and exciting choices for seeing the sights in a sustainable way.

The GST WAY: Taking the subway in NYC is an efficient and great way to minimize your environmental impact, as is taking a ferry in Greece. Sometimes, however, you can’t avoid air travel. For example, you have to take a small air carrier to get you from Oslo to Tromso, Norway. Once you are there, though, is where the fun begins. You can take the bus or trolley to all major spots and even remote settings. We also offer carbon offsetting as an option if your trip requires heavy air travel.


What we bring back tells a larger story of where we’ve been. Picking souvenirs for yourself and loved ones is a cherished activity and we all want to find that unique item that helps us relive our trip or remind us of a transformative experience. GST wants that for you too. Whether we help you pop some thrift shop tags in Paris or buy a Daruma doll in Japan, we'll dive into the how and where something was made. Many souvenirs have unethical origins and our aim is to curate locally sourced goods from businesses that support the local economy and people that live there.

The GST WAY: Nearly a quarter of all diamonds sold worldwide are considered “conflict” or “blood” diamonds. There has a been a long history in the diamond industry of violence, smuggling, worker exploitation and environmental degradation. Most consumers don’t realize that the rings they purchase are still tangled up in this dilemma. Places like Zimbabwe and Angola have suffered the most from the industry and 85% of diamonds come from those regions. Looking for an engagement ring with ethically sourced diamonds? We’ve got you covered.


Let's be honest....this is a HUGE part of traveling. When we tell our friends what we did on our trip, 50 % of what we talk about is the food. Community forms around the table. Strangers become friends over a cup of cappuccino. Storytelling becomes more lively after a few glasses of wine. Depending on your dietary needs and preferences, GST will point you in the direction of farm-to-table restaurants, organic eateries, and even rooftop apiaries (if that's your thing). If you are looking for food experiences, we can hook you up local with cooking classes and food tours.

The GST WAY: Baja, Mexico has recently been dubbed the “Napa Valley” of Mexico. After the real estate crash in 2008, the economy really struggled to get back on their feet and many were left scrambling to find work. In 2012 the Valle de Guadalupe started to gain notoriety for their wines. The climate and rich soil gave way to a diversity of grapes to be harvested. The locals rose to the challenge and started to craft wines that are winning awards around the world. GST will help you find organic and biodynamic vintners in the area that you can sample and tour.

Enhancing Your Trip

When you visit a place, you receive many gifts. There can be self-care, growth, knowledge, expansion, change, and transformation to name a few, and the more you immerse, the more you take home. You don’t have to spend hours doing beach clean-up, if that’s not your thing. For some, it may be donating money to an organization fighting sex slavery while visiting Cambodia. For others, it may be sitting with the elderly in London and listening to their stories, or spending a day at an animal shelter in Santorini learning about the donkey industry. We like to call this element, "enhance your trip". We acknowledge that not everyone wants to spend their vacation time volunteering. We do, however, want to make "living better and leaving better" fun and tailored to your personality. We'll work with you to explore opportunities to enhance your trip in a personal and holistic way.

The GST WAY: There is difference between voluntouring and responsible “giving back.” For instance, there are many fake orphanages that are a ploy to take money from tourists. At GST we take a deeper look at local organizations and their history in order to examine the pros and cons of interacting with them. Like to get your hands dirty? We have a list of places that work with gardening projects, animal rehabilitation, and community building projects. For example, you can spend the day with baby sea turtles in Bali Indonesia with a rescue and release program.

After the Trip

  • Recap of carbon footprint
  • Follow Up’s and more resources to help continue sustainable travel

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