-We are a collection of influencers and innovators with a background in a variety of converging industries. We came together as artists, thinkers, and like-minded individuals with a passion to redefine the way we travel. To travel on purpose.

                                                                                               -Green Suitcase Travel-

Leave better

Live better

Have authentic experiences

engage in nontouristy tourism

How you travel matters

how you travel can be as important as where you travel

Travel well. Travel ethically.

align your choices with your values

Redefine sustainable travel

a curated experience with long-lasting impact

Transform yourself. Inspire others.

return with more than souvenirs

Misty Foster

Founder II Chief Explorer

Angela Orlando


Cora Boyd


Brielle Farmer

Photographer & Contributor

Jazzmine Raine


Leandra Beabout


Lacy Lynch

Branding Consultant and Business Advisor

Andrew Davidov


Chelsey Wade


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