Top 10 luxury eco-hotel to stay at in 2019

Put these luxury eco-hotels on your bucket list!

It’s 2019, which means sustainability is more than a fad, it’s a necessity. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle should not stop when you leave your house, you can bring green practices into every part of your life, including travel. You definitely do not need to sacrifice luxury for sustainability when traveling. Here are our top luxury eco-friendly hotels we think you should check out this year!

Topas Ecolodge in North Vietnam

Photo courtesy of Topas

Topas Ecolodge is a small lodge perched on top of a beautiful hill, deep in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park in North Vietnam. You can book one of their 33 chalet-style bungalows built from local white granite. Guests can explore the local villages, relax in the gorgeous infinity pool, or enjoy a traditional Vietnamese dish at their restaurant. Topas Ecolodge values the environment and taking care of the community by hiring locals and providing them with long-term job training. The lodge serves food that is grown within a 13km radius and they have a practice of giving cans, boxes, and leftover food to those in need so they can use it in their homes and feed their livestock. Finally, they take their recycled glass, crush it and turn it into fine sand to be used for construction.  

Hilton Hotels and Resorts Bankside location in Southwark, London

Luxury Eco-Hotel The Hilton Hotel and Resorts

Photo courtesy of The Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Vegans rejoice! Now you can live your plant-based lifestyle to the fullest while traveling. Hilton Hotels and Resorts just premiered an all vegan suite in Southwark, London. This plant-based paradise is equipped with a vegan mini-bar, pillows stuffed with buckwheat hulls instead of down, and leather furniture made from pineapple leaves. Guests can order room service from a menu that includes vegan Quorn meat, potato hash, and muesli. Even the cleaning products used in the room are completely eco-friendly and cruelty-free.


Lekkerwater Beach Lodge in South Africa

Luxury Eco-Hotel Lekkerwater Beach Lodge

Photo courtesy of Lekkerwater Beach Lodge

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge is located on the most exclusive sector of the De Hoop Nature Reserve, just three hours from Cape Town. What makes this location so magnificent is the whale watching that you can witness without ever leaving shore. Every year, between July and November, hundreds of whales migrate North from Antarctica, making this the ideal spot for observing marine life at its finest. Each room has a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean through its floor-to-ceiling windows and has wrap around porches where you can relax and take in the beauty of nature. This lodge also prides itself on being “clean and green.” Electricity is generated from sun and wind energy, treatment of greywater is up to clean standards, single-use plastics do not exist on the property, and most of the supplies, including decadent wines, are produced within 40 miles of the lodge.


Discovery Rottnest Island in Australia

Luxury Eco-Lodge Discovery Rottnest Island

Photo courtesy of Discovery Rottnest Island

Located on a gorgeous island off the coast of Australia, Discovery Rottnest Island is the perfect place for luxurious, coastal relaxation. This eco-sustainable resort is located on Pinkys Beach and features 83 luxury, eco-tents to fulfill all your glamping dreamings. Every tent includes a private ensuite and an outdoor deck. For even more luxury, you can book a tent with stunning ocean views and a kitchenette. By their very nature, eco-tents have a low-impact on their surroundings, which helps the island stay pristine and clean. They were designed and built by locals using sustainable materials. Discovery Rottnest Island implemented a revegetation program to help strengthen the natural flora and fauna of their surroundings, remediated the wastewater treatment pond, and built up and dunes to strengthen the surrounding ecosystems.


Casa De Ucoe in Argentina

Luxury Eco-Hotel Casa De Ucoe

Photo courtesy of Casa De Ucoe

If you are a wine lover, then this next resort is for you! Casa De Ucoe is perfectly situated at the foothills of the Andes in Argentina. Every suite provides maximum comfort and privacy, all while you enjoy sweeping and spectacular views of the Uco Valley and Andes Mountains. The secluded villas in the vineyard offer the most luxury with a private terrace and garden. You can enjoy aromatherapy and vinotherapy treatments from the elite Uco Spa. Relax in the cedar wood sauna, wet sauna, treatment rooms, steam room, deep soaking hydrotherapy baths, and Hamman style room. Casa De Ucoe’s mission is to provide an enriching and authentic travel experience, all while preserving and protecting the precious biodiversity of the Uco Valley. They uphold their eternal commitment to the land by reducing, reusing, and recycling, using solar collectors to heat water, utilizing an efficient drip irrigation system in the vineyard, serving a local and seasonal menu, and training the staff in sustainable energy consumption habits.


Amantica Lodge in Peru

Luxury Eco-Hotel Amantica Lodge

Photo courtesy of Amantica Lodge

Built on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the Amantica Lodge is the highest lodge on an island in the world. This lodge is located on the island of Amantani in Peru, which has a magical atmosphere, full of Inca history, culture, and cuisine. Their suites offer incredible views of the lake with large windows, dreamy beds, gas fireplaces to provide heat at night, and terraces looking over the Andes. The beautiful and luxurious design of the lodge was inspired by natural elements, which brings the peace and magic of this ancient landscape indoors. Amantica Lodge values social responsibility and upholds this value by contributing a portion of its profits to meet the needs of the island inhabitants, hiring and training island locals, and encouraging guests to engage and communicate with the locals to promote the island culture.

Read more about this gorgeous property on Green Suitcase Travel! 


Hotel Endemico in Mexico

luxury eco-hotel hotel endemico

Photo courtesy of Hotel Endemico

Hotel Endemico’s name really speaks for itself, it is Spanish “part of the environment.” This rustic retreat is located on a slope overlooking the charming Valle de Guadalupe and is surrounded by over 60 traditional, Mexican vineyards and villages untouched by commercialism. Endemico has the perfect campsite-feel with a modern, luxurious twist. Each cabin is held up by stilts to compliment the natural beauty of the region and have lush beds, bathrooms, and terraces. A stay at this hotel is not complete without a dip in the infinity pool or Jacuzzi and a meal at their authentic Mexican restaurant. To preserve the environment, they have adopted a “leave no trace” philosophy so instead of cars, guests travel in shuttles or on horseback to explore the property and desert wildlife.  


Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel

Luxury Eco-Hotel Areias do Seixo

Photo courtesy of Areias do Seixo

Areias de Seixo Charm Hotel was built to inspire their guest to pause and savor every moment as they relax and unwind by the sea, dunes, and pine trees that line the Portuguese coast. This luxury eco-hotel offers rooms and villas complete with an ocean view, fireplace, outside barbecue space, swimming pool, terrace, and bathtub with jacuzzi. Each room was crafted with intention and made with fine materials to create a space that is enchanting with sublime comfort. To enhance your experience and find your inner balance, they have a spa that includes a dry sauna, Turkish bath, treatment rooms, relaxation room, and an outdoor pool. Areias de Seixo Charm recognizes their ability to impact the environment and therefore has implemented multiple policies to lower their negative environmental impact. Some of these policies include encouraging their employees, guests, and suppliers to take sustainable action, investing in innovation, boosting environmental awareness by increasing market share, and communicating initiatives with all their stakeholders.

Tierra Patagonia in Chile

Luxury Eco-Hotel Teirra Patagonia

Photo Courtesy of Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia is located near Torres del Paine National Park, nestled between incredible mountain ranges and beautiful Lake Sarmiento. All of their rooms will make you feel immersed in Patagonia culture with their stunning views of the mountains, local sheepskin rugs and throws, and ancient fossil patterns printed on the chairs.  Even their Uma Spa offers stunning views of the wild surroundings. Relax in the heated, indoor pool with hydro-massage and water jets, all enclosed in a glass-paneled sanctuary. Tierra Patagonia’s goal is to be one with the land, which they accomplish by promoting reforestation in this region, using LED lighting, controlling thermal efficiency, planning a kitchen-garden, and using local wood to line the walls of each room. All these combined efforts have resulted in the creation of this luxury eco-hotel in this beautiful, untamed part of the world.

The Purpose Hotel in Nashville

Luxury Eco-Lodge The Purpose Hotel

Photo courtesy of The Purpose Hotel

Even though The Purpose Hotel is not open yet, they have big plans to change the world. Coming soon to Nashville, Tennessee, this luxury eco-hotel will create positive change in the world, one booking at a time. Each room sponsors a child in need. Every part of this hotel will be sourced from partners who are making a difference, including blankets sewn by survivors of human trafficking, ethically sourced coffee beans, and art from humanitarian artists. Even the internet fee will help fight against human trafficking and the rooms will be stocked with inspiring social films and books. If you want to make a difference by your travels, start in Nashville with The Purpose Hotel.

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