Escape The Digital Grind With An Eco-Friendly Wellness Retreat In Tuscany

Maraviglia: A Wellness Retreat in Tuscany

“Home is where the heart is” is an idiom that many boutique hotels and B&B’s strive to actualize in their accommodations. Hoteliers aim to set up a place that breeds just enough familiarity for weary travelers to feel comfortable, at ease, and at home. After all, creating a home away from home is a vital part of hospitality. But what makes up a domicile isn’t just the cozy ambiance, the meals cooked with love, or the pillow you rest your head on- the heart of the home is in its inhabitants. The heart is in the folks who weave together the ins and outs of daily life and fill a space with laughter and love. Family makes the home.

At a certain point in life, we start to put a family into two categories: our blood relatives and the family we choose. Our chosen family is often comprised of friends and lovers, but it can also be people you meet along the road. When traveling -especially solo- you become more open to people that you might not have otherwise connected with. You build bonds with fellow voyagers and share experiences that can only be understood by those who’ve taken this path alongside you. When you encounter these kindred spirits, they become your family away from family.

Maraviglia Conscious Living Center is a place where home and family is built into the experience of your stay. In fact, the 400-year-old farmhouse is the childhood home of the owner, Francesco Piattelli.

Francesco returned to his homestead after living and working in New York City for several years. He found that the hustle and frenetic energy of the city created unwanted stress and an inner imbalance. This lead him to return to Tuscany and create a space where stillness, healing, and mindfulness could be cultivated. His family home tucked away in the hills of Monte San Savino was the perfect locale.

A place for the seekers

Just shy of a year old, Maraviglia serves as a space for wellness retreats, workshops, and the occasional open house, for travelers to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature. The rustic, two-story home and annex hold up to 15 people in shared and private rooms.

Wellness Retreat Tuscany Maraviglia.The annex at Maraviglia. A wellness retreat.

The idea, when staying at Maraviglia, is that you live communally and build relationships with the other guests. Everyone pitches in around the home, creating a familial vibe. While private rooms can be accommodated, you’ll likely be sharing a space with a fellow sojourner. But the sweet and colorful Tuscan home is more luxurious than a traditional shared space. The rooms have an inviting warmth, that enable you to relax into a slower pace of life. You’ll also find memorabilia from the Piattelli’s past in some of the rooms, like a straw hat Francesco used to wear as a young boy.

One of the rooms at Maraviglia.These personal, decorative touches bring the house to life and give it character. It makes it feel like you are staying at a dear friend’s house and having an extended slumber party with your closest mates. Everyone has plenty of space for solo-time when needed, but the best moments are spent around the table, laughing over a glass of wine with friends. To add to the charm, you’ll wake up to the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the house and birds singing to you outside your window. Your senses will be heightened by the serene setting. Though these descriptions may seem colloquial of country living, staying at Maraviglia is anything but commonplace.

During your stay, the days are filled with yoga and meditation, nature walks, epic sunsets, and organic home-cooked meals. To add to the sweetness, guests can enjoy a stunning infinity pool overlooking the rolling, green hills of the Tuscan countryside. It’s the kind of place that draws in those who appreciate simplicity and good living, and also those who are open to the healing power of nature.

“Country living embodies all the qualities that have the power to heal, instill tranquillity and balance in your bodies and minds” – Maraviglia 

The retreats held throughout the year are unique and designed to highlight the natural beauty of Tuscany. From food-focused wellness retreats, like the Olives & Yoga retreat to a more meditative deep-dive, like Tuscan Tranquility, Maraviglia’s land is ideal for holistic living.

A bowl of organic pasta at Maraviglia.Nature is not taken for granted here. It’s embraced wholeheartedly and integrated into many aspects of the house. For example, the entire property is run on solar power and they source their water from a natural well. The three-acre property is also surrounded by olive trees, which are harvested in the fall. Francesco’s neighbor Gianluca has a large organic garden where cabbages, onions, peppers, and everything you can imagine is cultivated. Gianluca generously shares the bounty with guests staying at the farmhouse and many of the meals are made from the organic goodies gathered from the garden. The neighbors also have their own olive press, which means that the olives gathered from the harvest are processed in a more pure, organic way. Another perk to having such amazing neighbors!

Luca and Francesco gather veggies from the garden.

Thank You For Being Present

Perhaps the most compelling part of joining the Maraviglia family- because you will become family during your stay- is that it’s a place to truly practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as the quality or state of being conscious. As humans, we aren’t always conscious of our interactions and surroundings. We get into stunted patterns and routines. We often move through the world without thinking about how we are impacting something, or how our thoughts are shaping our reality. Sometimes all that is needed is a break in the pattern to experience internal growth. This growth can be brought on by a practice of mindfulness, whether it’s sitting down every morning and paying attention to your breath and thoughts through guided meditation, or it’s taking moments throughout the day to think of things you are grateful for. Mindfulness can foster a more meaningful way of living. At Maraviglia, mindfulness is practiced through daily meditation and yoga, but it’s also in the interplay between the guests and staff. Francesco has carefully curated a group of people who are capable of holding space for whatever may emotionally arise for the guests. After all, Maraviglia was designed so that people could disconnect from the stressors in their lives and reconnect to what makes them joyful. It’s a space for healing and transformation.

Garden tools and decor at Maraviglia.

Maraviglia is an optimal place for a wellness retreat in Tuscany. You’ll be able to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with yourself.

You’ll also walk away with a whole new set of family members and a new place to call, home.

The yoga shala at Maraviglia: a wellness retreat in tuscany.

For a full list of retreats and upcoming events at Maraviglia, or to make a booking, click here.

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