Eremito Del Alma: A Luxury Eco-Hotel in the Heart of Umbria

Eremito: A Luxury Eco-Hotel In Umbria

Sacred, hallowed, holy, blessed. Whatever these words mean to you, be prepared to find them at Eremito. This luxury eco-hotel beautifully combines solitude, wellness, sustainability, and spirituality in the hills of Umbria, Italy. 

The exterior of Eremito. Sustainable hotel.

Few are called to monasticism. To fully renounce worldly pursuits in favor of a life of spiritual devotion has always been an extreme choice, but can seem even more extreme in today’s society. Technology and commerce drive many of our interactions and offer a way for us to stay connected with each other. 

On the other hand, having so much information at our fingertips can create fatigue and a sense of disconnectedness. We’re inundated with news on a daily basis and it can be challenging to digest or process it all. It begs the question, have humans emotionally evolved to keep up with technology? While the answer may not be clear-cut, it is evident that taking breaks from our shiny smartphones and computers is necessary to function well. Our brains and bodies need downtime.

Taking a vacation can provide such respite, especially if you are in a remote location with little to no cell phone service or WiFi. Even then, it requires being intentional about taking a break from the digital grind. But there’s something freeing about pushing the off-button on your device. In many ways, it allows you to push the on-button to your soul.

The front door to Eremito.

Eremito is a place where you are invited to disconnect from your daily routine, and try on monastic living in a luxury setting. Located “somewhere in Umbria” the former hermitage has been transformed into a luxury eco-hotel with a focus on wellness and spirituality. The two go hand in hand for owner Marcello Murzilli who’s aim in creating Eremito was to establish a place where guests could find reciprocity with the divine and nature. For Murzilli, luxury is in simplicity — a sense of appreciation for what is essential versus what bogs us down. One doesn’t need to be religious to sense this innate connection to Natura at Eremito. Here, the earth and her bounty are sacrosanct.

A unique place, in which you’ll find harmony and wellbeing, through a soul experience


A Journey For The Solo Traveler

Eremito is a haven for the solo traveler. This is evident from the moment you step onto the property. The candlelit, entry-hallway is filled with the sounds Gregorian chanting, which immediately calms your senses and transports you to a bygone era. To the right of the hallway, is a meditation room where guests can spend time in reflection and cogitation. And the main chamber of the hotel is filled with pillows, cushions, and a chaise lounge for resting. It’s easy to find your bliss in this tranquil space and that’s just on the first floor!

Relaxing in the main chambers at Eremito.

On the basement and second levels of the hotel, the rooms or “celluzze” are modest and inviting. Each cell is named after a prominent Catholic saint, like San Bruno, who was the founder of the Carthusian order. These saints follow you throughout your time at Eremito. For example, their names are engraved on your room key. During meal time, their name appears on a napkin ring to identify your spot at the table. You’ll also find their stories on a wall hanging above your bed. It’s as if they are guiding you during your visit. They are your patron saint. 

Though there are basic comforts in each room, you won’t find WiFi or cell service here. Instead, a reading and prayer nook overlooking the valley offers a more contemplative form of entertainment. And while you may have arrived with a partner or your family, you are invited to stay in a room by yourself to get the full experience of monastic living.

Silence Is Golden

It’s easy to slip into a state of euphoria as you unwind at Eremito. The staff offers a full program of optional activities for lodgers to partake in. Mornings start at 7:30 am with prayer in the chapel, followed by yoga and meditation. After awakening your soul and body, a delicious vegetarian breakfast is served outside. The rest of the day is free to hike in the hills, visit the nearby town, or simply rest. One can also visit the in-house spa, with a steam room and hot tub.

Yoga at Eremito. Photo by Misty Foster.

The day ends with a silent dinner, much like the monks would have had back in the Fourteenth century. Exploring the virtue of silence during meal time is something many only experience at a vipassana retreat. Instead of a week of silence, you are asked to embrace the quiet for one meal. This allows for a heightening of your aural and gustatory senses, as you enjoy a set, vegetarian meal and locally-sourced wine. As you sit facing the sunset, eating a simple but hearty meal, don’t be surprised if you experience a wave of emotion. There is magic in the silence and a return to the essential.

the refectory at Eremito

For The Beauty Of The Earth

From the restoration of the building to the organic garden, there are many ways that sustainability is incorporated at this luxury hotel. It’s not a fad or a marketing ploy, instead, it’s a way of life. Eremito was built on the principle that balance only comes when we are in harmony with nature. 

Sustainability Highlights:

  • Handmade, hemp-yarn bedding
  • Antique duvet and covers are all handmade
  • No air-conditioning needed. Floor heating in the cooler months, supplied by a wood-burning boiler
  • Organic soaps and low flow water faucets
  • Organic vegetable garden and food
  • The relax area is completely dug out from natural rock
  • Natural teas and beverages
  • The hotel is powered by solar energy
  • The building has been carefully and beautifully restored in accordance with the authentic requirements of ancient monasteries. 

Visit Eremito for a journey of self-discovery and a deep sense of well-being.

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