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If you’ve ever lived out of a suitcase before, you know their value. In a strange way, they become an extension of who you are. Your own mini-traveling home.

Your belongings, how much you are willing to travel with and what you acquire along the way can be a delightful insight into what makes you, you. Take a peek in mine at any given time and you’ll find I have a penchant for vintage fashion and a love of Ole Henriksen products.

Suitcases make you realize how little you actually need to survive. What is essential in a household, is cumbersome on the road.

This sparked the idea for the Green Suitcase. I’ve recently become a sustainability freak and while I’m still slowly making personal changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle (composting is tough y’all!); I’m really interested in how to make travel a more viable and eco-friendly option.

Beyond the major Eco-resorts in rural areas, there’s not a whole lot of comprehensive eco-travel. My vision for the Green Suitcase is to take eco-travel to the next level by providing information about sustainability in major cities and destinations. You can travel most places in a sustainable way if you know the how and why!

Let’s start with San Fransisco for example. The city is super eco-friendly! From hotels and dining to shopping and establishments that are all about leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Rewind….let’s start with a major question. What exactly is sustainability?


1. The ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.
2. Environmental Science. the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

There’s quite a bit of debate whether or not sustainability is even possible given our climate change and the damage we’ve already done. Damage or no, we still have a responsibility to show up for others and our planet. Even if it’s a small impact.

Back to the suitcase. Travel is a magical experience. It opens up so many possibilities inside oneself. It’s like you have all of these hidden corridors inside your mind and heart and each place you visit is a key to opening up one of those things.  A suitcase in many ways is a place that holds all of those unlocked experiences in one place for you. That swatch of fabric you picked up, the Daruma doll are all kept in a sacred space known as the suitcase.

Why not make your suitcase whimsical and sustainable! After all, it’s your companion on the road and can be a symbol of your values. Most likely you value traveling!

Grab your bag and follow us on this journey to save the planet in style!

Green Suitcase Founder, Misty