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Top 10 Eco-Beauty Products to Travel with

By February 13, 2015 No Comments

I’m not Beyonce. I don’t wake up flawless every morning. Perhaps, if I had a team of beauty fairies, that would look differently. For now, I’m pretty reliant on my little, army of beauty products to primp me to perfection. While I haven’t fully transitioned into using all eco-friendly products (gotta stay honest here), I’ve found that there are some really reliable and wonderful things to pack when you are traveling. You need an arsenal to deal with different climates and those intense back-packing adventures. Because sometimes, flawless after a day in the sun….is just unrealistic.

1. Lush is not only a fan favorite in the bath and body department, they also promote ethical buying and they use vegetarian/vegan ingredients in their products. Did I mention they smell divine?! One of my favorite is their Toothy Tabs which are, little tablets made out of all natural ingredients that you pop in your mouth and brush away. You can also recycle the box when you are done. Don’t forget to pack your bamboo toothbrush to go with you too! My pick is the ‘Breath of God’ flavor which has vanilla, sandalwood and a bit of licorice. Plus, who doesn’t want to smell like God’s breath?03418

2. Did you know that mascara is TERRIBLE for the environment and most have bat poop in them?….Gross. Well luckily, Origins has come up with, what I think is the best eco-mascara out there, Ginzing. I have really light eyelashes and it’s the only one that I feel stays on and creates the dramatic effect I crave.


3. Can we talk about how much I love Origins. Like really, they are just the bee’s knee’s. Not only do they have a commitment to no animal testing and ethical buying, they will also refill your used products in store! AND they usually give free samples of things at check out AND they do free in store mini-facials. Basically anything you buy from rules and it’s saving the planet.

4. This Etsy store is divine. For those nights that you can’t score a good hotel and need a little extra eye coverage to shield from the bright city lights! These organic eye masks are the answer and they sport a variety of designs for the traveler with flare. My favorite is the, Luxury Sakura design. They are a little pricier for an eye-mask, that said you can rest easier knowing they came from a good place with good materials.

5. Sunscreen! Oh so much debate about whether we even need it or not. I do. No debate here. You don’t want to see me after a day at the beach with no sunscreen. I don’t want to see me. So here’s the deal, there are really toxic chemicals that wash off your body and end up floating around in the ocean. Not only that, but the chemicals in sunscreen are not so hot for your body either. So, if you can’t afford to pass up the goop, here’s my pick for the most eco-friendly sunscreen. Honest company’s policy is to use, biodegradable, mineral-based, non-toxic materials from the packaging to the product.

6. The higher the hair, the closer to God….right? Get that bounce with out using an ounce of harmful chemicals by spraying your hair with, Intelligent Nutrients volumizing spray. They use bergamot and aloe to give your hair the ‘umph’ it needs after hours on a plane.

7. Deodorant. This one’s tough. I’ve tried the crystal rocks, I’ve tried Thoms, I’ve tried it all. I’m a sweaty, beast and there’s nothing that tames my pits like, Nourish Organic’s deodorant. I like the fresh fig smell the best. USDA organic certified and all natural ingredients. Great for men and women.

8. Aragon oil. Coconut oil. The two best body and face treatments you can give yourself. That is all.

9. Because the French keep getting it right when it comes to smell and well…everything, our next pick is the chic eco-parfumerie by, Honore Des Pres. Their line of organic, eco-friendly perfumes is worth fawning over. In an homage to NY, the Vamp a NY is at once lusty and earthy. I love it. It sports hints of tuberose, rum and bourbon. It’s eco friendly and divine.

10. This isn’t one product per se, instead it’s the holy grail for vegan, eco friendly products, many of which are travel sized. Vegan Cuts is the Birch Box of beauty products and each month they send you a sampling of cruelty free and ethical products for subscribers. Fantastic for the gal on the go, who wants to try it all and see what works the best.

These travel beauty items prove that you can go bold in an conscious way, without bogging down your environment, body or style. Green on, travelers!