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Bioluminescent Travel Spots

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Get the glowsticks out because today we are talking about the best spots to view Bioluminescence!!! This is for all you nature-loving mo-fo’s who know that traveling to some of the worlds most verdant spots is what it’s all about.

Bioluminescence has facinated me for years and there are quite a few places on our great planet to appreciate the wonder it has to offer. So, let’s get started. Turn off the lights, get out that old glow worm doll and get ready to explore.


Let’s start with Dinoflagellets. What, you say? Basically they are marine plankton that form algae blooms and cause a glowing hue by emitting luciferin and they are a pretty rare and fragile ecosystem. There are several spots in the world that you can witness this phenom. Mostly in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, but even in spots in Thailand and believe it or not, NJ.

But the real treat is Montego Bay, Jamaica. You can paddle boat, swim or just sit on the beach and enjoy nature doing it’s work. Tour operator Falmouth will take you out after dark and even give you a complimentary drink. I’m in!


Next and this is my favorite: The glowworm caves in New Zealand. I am jonesing to see this. It seems like something out of a fairy tale. Waitomo Glowworm caves takes you on a journey to see these little specimen known as, Arachnocampa luminosa. Not only that but you will get to experience over a 100 years of culture. These caves were discovered by  local Maori Chief Tane Tinorau and have been carefully curated since.

montage bay jamaica

Jelly-fish, jelly-jelly fish. Florida Keys is a hotbed for some beautiful glowing jellyfish. The Indian river lagoon is home to the comb jellyfish. You will be dazzled by how these creatures look in the moonlight. Best time to go is the fall and winter as summer in the keys can be unpredictable and the jellyfish are more plentiful.

Comb Jellyfish Florida

Springbrook National Park in Australia keeps a habitat of phosphorescent mushrooms alive at all times of year. Go check out these freaky mushrooms, which are super toxic. If you don’t want to travel all that way, you may be able to spot some in North America, but finding these guys is rare and the conditions have to be perfect. You can also purchase your own kit if you really want to grow some to show off to guests.

Glowing Funghi

And last but not least, hop over to Toyama Bay Japan to witness the Firefly Squid making waves on the beach. These beautiful creatures are best viewed from March to June and are onshore to mate with each other and create a fantastic light show.

firefly Jelly fish

Eco-tourism is a great way to travel and see what nature has to offer.

Until next time, keep inspiring!

Misty The Travel Muse